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I knew nothing about running a business at 23 years old. 

The truth is, the only skill I had was baseball. When I was 3, I started my baseball career. My dream was to play in the MLB, and I’d spent every spare moment practicing, rain or shine. Baseball was all my friends and family knew me for…. And all I knew MYSELF for.

In 2005, I saw my dreams begin to unfold perfectly when I was ranked as one of the top high school baseball players in the world by Perfect Game. With a scholarship from The University of Florida, I thought I was on my way.

Until a few short years later…life changed. I had to transfer to The University of Nebraska and restart my collegiate career, with hurdles, I managed to still go on to play professionally.

3 years after college, in my 4th season of professional, I was cut. I was cut from the team and forced to face the harshest reality of my life at the time…was I not good enough? That wasn’t it. What was it?

My dream of playing in the MLB came to a sharp halt, never to restart again. On January 4th 2011, my baseball career- and dreams – were over. I came to realize, It was not about my skills, my talent but 100% based on others control and politics. It was a business and someone else controlled it. My first taste of wanting to control my own destiny and sports, no matter what they tell you, is not a place you control anything.

So, with zero preparation, I was thrown into the world with no skills outside of baseball at the age of 23. I’d wake up afraid, nervous, scared, and confused as to what the purpose of my life was. [I thought I knew].

I felt like I lost my identity, and I had NO idea how I was going to make money let alone create the financial freedom I truly wanted…

I tried every job under the sun, from construction to car sales, and none of them fit me. So, after countless hours scouring the internet for “best ways to make money”, I found what I now know as a “guru”, (some say I’ve turned into one, I don’t think so)…and this guru gave me some ideas on how to use the internet to make money.

Like I said, I tried dozens of sales jobs and manual labor jobs. Construction gigs, snow removal, and just about any other job you could do for manual labor to get paid. My mentality was molded during those humbling years, and I realized I was the ONLY person to blame and I was solely responsible for creating the life I wanted. These things wouldn’t get me where I wanted to go.

Using what the guru taught me, I started looking on Craigslist for jobs or opportunities to try out my new skills. I met a Venture Capitalist who had a tech startup based out of Orlando Florida. He gave me my first “job” and a chance to earn equity (a new term I was unfamiliar with).

The success of that first company made heads turn, after 3 years and a strong exit of our business, my new skill set in sales and marketing attracted none other than retail giant Target Corporation, who hired me to lead a new team in launching their Paid Social Team to run Facebook Ads to drive sales on, and to help launch a new app called Cartwheel. (which you’re probably using now)

After millions spent on social advertising, I was able to generate hundreds of millions in gross revenue and convert 300,000+ new customers onto the Cartwheel app…(is that good?)

Target was pleased, to say the least – and my confidence spiked when I was the go-to expert in online marketing and advertising in my circle…

After that experience, there was honestly very little I didn’t know about paid advertising, digital marketing, and online sales.


I then started getting the “itch” that I could recreate the same results for myself and that I could reach financial freedom through, so I nervously decided to launch my first business (age 27)…

I started an apparel brand called Bucks of Nebraska, the success allowed me to expand the brand into Bucks of America and the business grew rapidly to a highly profitable 7 figure brand…Retailers were even buying my stuff!

We were awarded the Clickfunnels 2 comma club award for surpassing $1,000,000 in sales in 2017, and for the first time I believed it was actually possible to create financial freedom using the internet.

The success of my first brand opened the door to countless opportunities, including a partnership with Shark Tank’s Kevin Harrington, who I worked with to scale another eCommerce business that did nearly $6,000,000 in a few months.

In 2016 alone I also…

Designed, patented and signed a licensing deal for a custom product that does 6 figures in sales annually…
Sourced products from around the world to build dozens of eCommerce brands that generated over 8 figures in gross sales by the end of 2018…

By the end of 2018 I…

Sold my own eCommerce assets for a pay day…
Trained over 300 business owners to grow their eCommerce businesses through my 
Built an Agency that was hired to build & scale hundreds more eCommerce stores & brands from scratch…

And last but not least, after hundreds of requests from hungry entrepreneurs ready for change, I founded eCommerce Brand Academy – giving people everything they actually need to build a wildly profitable, successful eCommerce brand and scale it – the right way.

Now I spend the majority of my time serving my clients and celebrating their results and success and watching them create their own financial freedom.


Cody is aware that everybody he teaches begins at a different level. Some have no previous knowledge and are looking to escape a 9-5 job. Some have been trying to find the answers for awhile but aren’t sure who to trust. Others come to Cody with vast experience but are looking for very specific information.

He has training appropriate for all levels.

He is also aware that individuals thrive in different environments. For this reason, Cody delivers valuable trainings both online and in person. You can catch him at an event near you or get started now with his most popular FREE online training “How we built an eCommerce store to over 600,000 orders”