Hello, I am Cody Neer

Hello, I am
Cody Neer

Blue Collar Entrepreneur in White Collar Business Ventures.

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Hello, I Am Cody Neer

Hello, I AM
Cody Neer

Cody Neer ia a Digital Marketing, eCommerce & Venture Capitalist Entrepreneur.

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About Cody Neer

Cody Neer started his journey building Target.com’s paid social strategy to launch sales to their .com and gaining users for their App, Cartwheel. Since leaving Target, he has built, grown, and scaled multiple 6-7 figure online businesses across multiple industries. He’s achieved multiple Clickfunnels 2-Comma Club awards for earning over $1,000,000+ in sales in his businesses using funnels. 

He’s the founder of the eCommerce Brand Academy where he shares his tactics and strategies for building wildly profitable eCommerce businesses. 

He is the Author of Ecommerce Secrets: The Untold Truth About Selling Online

He is also the founder of The Vegas Mastermind, an event focused on a  combination of networking and tactical business advice.

Cody dedicates his time and passion to helping entrepreneurs and business owners simplify their business with marketing systems that matter for their specific industry.

Cody dedicates his time and passion to helping entrepreneurs and business owners increase their income and create real financial freedom through eCommerce.

After a promising professional baseball career came to a halt, Cody was left with nothing other than the need to make money ASAP. With his competitive spirit and determination to redefine his purpose in life, he quickly found a way to pivot and put his skills to use. The result? A $13,000,000 company…

After realizing he had a knack for online advertising and marketing, Neer started turning heads and catching the attention of world class brands including Target Corporation and Shark Tank’s Kevin Harrington, both of whom hired Neer to help drive sales for their online stores.

With results like $350,000,000 generated from $56m ad spend, Neer quickly realized eComm could be his own ticket to financial freedom, and launched what would become the first of over 13 7-figure eCommerce brands of his own, becoming recognized as one of the top eCommerce experts in the world.

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Cody and his agency team at 727 Digital deliver scalable advertising solutions for eCommerce & digital product businesses that demand growth. Their services include Consulting, Done For You, Training, Sales Funnels, Facebook Ad Campaigns And Google Adword Campaigns.

Whatever your needs are, they have a solution for you. They are in high-demand and work by application only. If they are unable to take you on as a client they will point you to somebody who can fulfil your needs.

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Cody has been delivering highly sought after Digital Marketing and eCommerce training at workshops and events around the USA for years.

He enjoys speaking at reputable events held by others and also hosts his own events so he can deliver his unique experiences and knowledge to as many people as possible.

Even if he isn’t speaking Cody loves to attend events and be surrounded by like-minded entrepreneurs. You can find events he plans to attend below and if you’re lucky, you might run into him!


Cody is aware that everybody he teaches begins at a different level. Some have no previous knowledge and are looking to escape a 9-5 job. Some have been trying to find the answers for awhile but aren’t sure who to trust. Others come to Cody with vast experience but are looking for very specific information.

He has training appropriate for all levels.

He is also aware that individuals thrive in different environments. For this reason, Cody delivers valuable trainings both online and in person. You can catch him at an event near you or get started now with his most popular FREE online training “How To Create A Profitable eCommerce Brand And Build It To 7 Figures Even If You Have Limited Time And Money”.